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Zoe Zoppins' Action-Packed Action Plan (book 5)

Parents & Carers

Hi parents! Congratulations on reaching the final instalment of this online platform. 

Creating an action plan is hard work. We hope that the templates below, when used in conjunction with this 5th book, will set the scene.

Once you and your child have started brainstorming your plan – take it to a health professional and ask for advice about it. 


Hi health professional! Well, here we are at the end of the final book in the series. Here are some more resources specifically for you as you work alongside children challenged with persistent pain.

First, here is a paper about different sticking points that children (and their parents) have when arriving at a clinic.

Second, a fascinating paper from Maria Pavlova for you about parent-child reminiscing about past pain experiences: What you say, and how you remember, matters!

Third, complete the COPI again – have any scores changed?

COPI items that may change the most with this book:

  • 8. Learning about pain can help you to feel less pain.

  • 9. You can have an injury and feel no pain.

  • 10. The brain can make pain better or worse.


Hi teachers, we hope this final book has been useful for you in your teaching. We have received positive feedback about how these books fit within recent wellbeing frameworks throughout the world, and so if you have any input about how these resources can embedded in your learning systems, please let us know! The future of pain science education in schools is bright!

Taking your class through the book review activity above would be a wonderful way to wrap up the journey that you have taken them on. After the class completes their reviews, we’d love to hear some of the quotes – you can email us with scanned copies of these documents or set up a brief meeting to discuss further. Our hunch is that this online platform can continually grow and improve, and teachers are absolutely essential for that to occur. 

The other opportunity we see you now have is an advocacy role. Are there other teachers in your network that may benefit from this series of resources? Would a professional development event be useful? Our hope in raising these questions is to broaden the reach of these important pain science messages.

 So, enjoy the free worksheets and do feel welcome to contact us.

Action Plan

Print out this 2-page Action Plan so that you can make yours action-packed (just like Zoe and Zak!).


Book review

You will need red and blue pencils, crayons or textas for this one.



Unscramble the letters word by word to recreate the key message of each book.


Do you want to see the online activities (parents, clinicians, & teachers) for the other books in the series? 

Also, here are the links to the Kid's pages for each book:

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