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Welcome to the Zoe and Zak's Pain Hacks book series! 


Join Zoe and Zak Zoppins to learn how pain science can be AMAZING!

Pain is complex and can be difficult to talk about, especially persistent pain – pain that has persisted for longer than expected. Zoe and Zak’s Pain Hacks is a series of five books designed to help children learn and talk about pain with their family, friends, teachers and health professionals. The first four books each address one key target concept, the fifth book brings these learning outcomes together with an empowering action plan. Used together, these books are targeted pain science education at its best.

Clinicians, educational experts, and researchers from around the world have reviewed and endorsed these books as helping educators to work effectively with children challenged by persistent pain. This book series can help:


Children living with chronic pain
• to learn about their body’s incredible protective system
• to feel acknowledged and validated in their experiences
• to actively engage with school, sports, family and friends


Parents and caregivers
• to develop an understanding of the complexity of pain
• to encourage evidence-based discussions with children
• to help children thrive


Clinicians working with paediatric chronic pain
• to have up-to-date and targeted resources that will form the foundation for pain education
• to easily integrate the latest neuroscience into pain treatment programs


School teachers
• to guide children experiencing pain through strategies to maximise class participation
• to promote wellbeing and resilience for all children through the lens of pain.




Book 1 Zoe Zoppins Nails it: Zoe is with her Uncle Ozzie who has an alarming accident, with a surprising outcome! They all learn that feeling pain does not necessarily mean your body is damaged.


Book 2 Zoe Zoppins Lights it up: Zoe visits her Grandma Lizzie’s science lab where a colourful experiment reveals something amazing about pain and the brain. Zoe learns anything and everything can change her pain!

Book 3 Zoe and Zak’s Brainy Adventure: Zoe, Zak, and their classmates explore the brain through a mind-blowing virtual reality experience. The students learn that pain is one of their body’s powerful protectors!


Book 4 Zak Zoppins Trains his Brain: Zak explains to Zoe how he is retraining his body and his brain with his action-packed action plan – he is getting back to school! Zoe wonders whether she could use a similar plan for her tummy pain?

Book 5 Zoe Zoppin’s Action-packed Action Plan: Zoe is seven weeks into her own action plan. Through her diary entries on a typical day, we see all she has learned so far. Having an action-packed-action plan can be life-changing!

The Zoe Zoppins books are a set, carefully produced as a complete learning journey, and are not available separately.

Noigroup Publications
Joshua W. Pate
ISBN 978-0-9873426-2-1
Slipcase containing 5 hardcover books, 28-40pp.

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