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Now that you have read Zoe Zoppins Nails it (book 1) you are ready to take on the next challenge!


Let's recap the 1st story:

Zoe is with her Uncle Ozzie on his building site, suddenly he has an alarming accident! Doug and Dell sound the alert and Ozzie is raced to hospital. They are in for a BIG SURPRISE when the doctor takes a look.

In the end, they all learn that feeling pain does not necessarily mean your body is damaged.

Here are some printable sheets for you to get stuck into...

How to Draw Zoe

You can draw a picture of Zoe. Follow the ten easy steps.


Maze Message

Trace Zoe and Zak's phonecall through the maze collecting the words along the way. Be careful to avoid the nails!


Drawing Pain

Can you draw what pain looks like, or feels like?


More questions to get you thinking!

5. Ozzie was helped by a few different people in this book. Select all of the possible people that might be able to help YOU when you feel pain:

Thanks for sharing!
Hint for Question 5: Perhaps
ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE might be helpful! 


Want MORE activities? Select another book...

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