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Now that you have read Zak Zoppins Retrains His Brain (book 4) you are ready to take on the next challenge!


Let's recap the 4th story:

This story focusses on Zak Zoppins. Zoe and Zak are in the backyard together playing all sorts of fun games - dress-ups, cricket, trampolining, art and slides. Zak is sharing his back pain journey and how he has been improving thanks to his 'action-packed action plan'. Zoe decides to make an action plan for her sore tummy.

Here are some printable sheets for you to get stuck into...

Zak dot-to-dot

Connect the dots in number order to complete this picture of Zak Zoppins


Word find

Find all ten words that describe how Zak retrained his body and brain.



This book had five questions at the end, so let’s start with question 6…

6. Did Zak's back pain improve in 1 day? 

7. In this book Zoe imagines going on fun adventures with Zak (do you remember the rock climbing image?). What fun adventures would you like to do? 

8. Zak's plan helped him to get back to school, and improving his movements (eg. walking, bending, and reaching). Often kids have many goals beyond going back to school. Do you think it would be possible to make a similar plan to Zak, for playing with a friend? Walking your dog? Helping parents with chores/duties at home?

9. Finding out how Zak dealt with pain helped Zoe to grow. What else would YOU like to find out now? 

10. Learning requires practice, and retraining brain and body takes practice - MANY repetitions! What other things have you had to practice many times before seeing improvement? Eg.

  • Riding a bike

  • Playing piano

  • Magic tricks

  • Swimming

  • Reading

  • Speaking

  • Crawling

  • Monkey bars

  • Computer games


Our brains and bodies are always changing, and we can make the most of these changes to become the boss! In the next book we’ll learn to make an action plan

Did something here stand out?

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