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Now that you have read Zoe Zoppins' Action-Packed Action Plan (book 5) you are ready to take on the next challenge!


Let's recap the 5th story:

In this book, Zoe shares her diary writing. Her diary is one important part of her action plan that she started seven weeks before. Since doing her action plan, Zoe's understanding of her own pain has improved and she feels like she is the boss again!

Here are some printable sheets for you to get stuck into...

Action Plan

Print out this 2-page Action Plan so that you can make yours action-packed (just like Zoe and Zak!).


Book review

You will need red and blue pencils, crayons or textas for this one.



Unscramble the letters word by word to recreate the key message of each book.



There were 4 questions at the end of the book, so we will start now with question 5.

CHALLENGE: Pitch your ideas to Zoe! Send an email finishing one of the following sentences. Zoe (and Josh) would love to hear from you, listening to every single email!

  1. To make this book series work for younger kids, I think you should…

  2. To make this book series suitable for teenagers, what you need to do is…

  3. My idea for book #6 is…

  4. The main things I learnt from the books are…

5. At the start of this book we found out how many weeks Zoe has been doing her action plan so far. How many is it? 

6. Make a list of all the things that Zoe is doing again: 

7. Do you think Zoe will keep using her action-packed action plan?

8. We are going to do something we did way back at the start. Go to to answer a few questions about your understanding of pain.

Now, have a think about how your answers have changed. What have you learned from this series?

9. Find someone at home and read these dot points together. 

  • At first, the actions in your plan may not make your pain feel less…But every time you do them it is making you better on the inside!

  • After a while you will notice the strategies help your pain / help you cope with the pain better and/or calmer. 

  • Most often function improves before pain decreases. 

  • Don’t just try your action plan for a couple of weeks. You need to give it a couple of months to ensure you see progress. 

  • Based on the current science, it is reasonable to expect that (a) pain will go away or (b) it’ll be much better, and not bother you as much…

How does all this make you feel?

10. Let’s zoom out. What is your worldview? A worldview is the way you see the world. Do you think everything is getting better or worse? 

Zoe has decided to be more positive. Reflect now on some of the good things that are happening in the world… It is scientific to think “It’s grim, but not all gloom and doom”.


11. In Zoe’s action plan, she planned to make some signs/posters to remind her of important stuff. Go back through the book, find these phrases, and have a go at making your own signs/posters!

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