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Now that you have read Zoe Zoppins Lights it up (book 2) you are ready to take on the next challenge!


Let's recap the 2nd story:

Zoe visits her Grandma Lizzie in her amazing science lab. Zoe asks her all sorts of questions! Lizzie demonstrates colourful experiment which reveals something amazing about pain and the brain. Zoe learns that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING can change her pain!


Here are some printable sheets for you to get stuck into...

Hot and cold

You will need red and blue pencils, crayons or textas for this one.


Pain volume 1.

Think about things in your life that may make your feeling of pain go up or down. We have given you some ideas.


Pain volume 2.

Write down things in your life that may make your feeling of pain go up or down.



Share your thoughts...

This book had three questions at the end, so let’s kick off with question 4…

6. In the book, Zoe realises: “If a little light can change the volume of pain, Plenty MORE is possible in your brainy brain”. Which of the 8 characters on page 14 have you noticed in your own life? Tick them:

Thanks for sharing!
Hint for Question 6: Perhaps
ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE might be helpful! 

Want MORE activities? Select another book...

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