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 Zoe and Zak's Brainy Adventure (book 3)

Parents & Carers

Hi caregivers, well done on journeying with your child through the first 3 books.


Our nervous systems are incredible, and so you are setting a brilliant example to your child by joining them in all this learning.


After you have worked through the discussion questions and bonus online content, perhaps you could print off a worksheet above and take it to your child’s next medical appointment?


People all around the world can use these books as a platform to speak the same language as your health professional, and improve the tricky decision-making processes that come with the challenge of persisting pain.


Welcome back healthcare professionals! Unpacking the complexity of the brain can be quite daunting when providing care to a child challenged by pain, but our hope is that this book will be a conversation-starting point.


Recent research on predictive processing has provided an alternative method of understanding different ‘levels’ of the nervous system, and how it adapts and acts upon identified threats. 

COPI items that may change the most with this book:

  • 5. Pain is a warning that the body needs to be protected.

  • 6. Feeling pain for a long time can make the brain more sensitive to warning messages.

  • 14. The brain processes lots of details before you feel pain.


For extended reading, we encourage you to dig into Louie Gifford’s mature organism model.

Page 13 of this third book is a helpful starting point to work through and apply – so we made a worksheet (see q6 on the Kids page) for you to print off and share with children. The goals here are a sense of awe and increased interest, to stimulate longer term changes and a strong commitment to treatment strategies. 


G’Day teachers, grab the worksheets and run with them however you would like to.


Again, if you have feedback, ideas, stories, or suggestions, please contact us.


Our goal is to continue to improve the resources available.


As access to VR technology improves, books like this one will become more commonplace, so it’s great that you are leading the way!

Puppet show

Colour in and cut out the characters, then tape onto your fingers to re-enact the Brainy Adventure story!


Brain messages

Think about things in your life that may make your feeling of pain go up or down.


Do you want to see the online activities (parents, clinicians, & teachers) for the other books in the series? 

Also, here are the links to the Kid's pages for each book:

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